Monday, 19 December 2016

Well I've been meaning to write this post for a while... To cut a long-ish story short I've now parted company with my Jaguar's.

I've had some great fun with owning, restoring and modifying my Jaguar XJ40's over recent years but I've moved onto other projects now. I feel like I achieved everything I wanted to with the cars in this time. After a couple of false starts with previous '40's I was able to get build my ideal XJ40 with the Sovereign 3.6 manual, I successfully modified it to look and drive how I always wanted from a '40. The culmination of this project was to be able to use this car for my wedding, have some great pictures taken of it, and have it featured in both the Retro Cars and Jaguar Enthusiast Club magazines.

Unfortunately time took it toll on the Sov manual and I was running into a significant number of end of life issues, with car on 174k miles mechanical faults were arising and rust was becoming quite extensive. Of course everything is fixable given enough time and money, but due to a change in personal circumstances which included a loss of my garage and easy access to tools, I wan't able to practically maintain the cars roadworth status.

I really enjoyed being part of the owners club, I attended a good number of meets, saw some lovely cars and met some great people. I'd highly recommend joining this club to any XJ40 enthusiast, and just the principle of car clubs generally as I'd previously not been a part of one.

So this may well be a final blog post here. I'm still passionate about XJ40's and Jaguar's generally, so I may well come back to them at some future date and restart the posts. I'd love to do a full bare shell XJ40 restoration one day... In the meantime this blog will be in hiatus and stand as a testament to my time with the cars, I hope others will find this content interesting and useful into the future. At the time of writing this blog has received 150,804 page views and from all over the world, so I'm pleased that there is ongoing interest in these great cars. Many thanks for reading :)