Monday, 9 February 2015

Partners in crime

Now I've got the XJ40 running again I was able to drive it out of the garage and position it for a side-by-side pic' with the younger sibling!

XJR front suspension refurb

I felt the front suspension on the XJR could be better, there weren't any knock but it just felt slightly loose. So I decided to do a freshen up of some of the bushes. 

The larger bushes - subframe mounts and lower wishbone bushes - looked to be decent still. The anti-roll bar 'D' bushes actually looked very good, like they'd been replaced at some point. The damper, drop link and upper wishbone bushes all appeared fine, but a little worn and past their best, so I decided to replace those. I already had some XJ40 upper wishbones with polybushes and new ball joints fitted lurking in the garage, so decided to fit those.

It was a fairly straight forward job, though I did run into a few snags of course. There was some cylinder shaped thingy with it's mounting bracket preventing the upper wishbone bolt sliding out on the off side which had to be removed, you can see it hanging down in the bottom left corner of the bottom picture. As usual the drop link bush that mounts to the lower wishbone was seized onto the bolt, I had to rip the rubber part away from the sleeve and attack that with an angle grinder get it off.

All done, quick test drive and there is a perceivable improvement to the handling which is pleasing, the movement of the wheels just feels better controlled. 

Getting the Sov started

Now that the garage is all tidy and set up I can turn my attention to actually fixing the cars. A first priority was to get the Sov up and running as it's had starting problems. It's always seemingly had quite a current drain, it flattens the battery pretty quickly if not driven regularly. So first thing was to give the battery a charge. The fuel level was low and had been sitting in there for some time so I tipped in a container of fresh unleaded. This didn't sort the problem and the car still refused to start.

The battery was getting on a bit and I suspected it was past it's best, a new one was purchased. I also bought a cut-off switch to disconnect it when the car is not in use, to prevent it draining. After several attempts at starting the '40 eventually fired up and ran well. Hopefully the problem is sorted and there's not an intermittent fault. There's bound to be a number of components that are past there best which could start failing and cause running issues, given the age of the car.

At least the Sov is running now so that I can move it in and out of the garage with easy, instead of pushing it!