Monday, 12 January 2015

Another big cat joins the fleet - Jaguar X300 XJR

So, I've bought another Jaguar XJ, this one is an X300 XJR. This is my first X300, I've been keen to own an XJR for quite a long while now so it's itch I've been wanting to scratch. I'll be posting more about this car in due course as well as updates on the XJ40 Sovereign.

It's a good example, relatively low mileage at 113k and comes with full Jaguar service history. The car drives well and there's no rust on the body, the underside has had waxoil treatment. The body colour is Antigua Blue, with Oatmeal leather inside.

While the condition is very good I'll be working to improve it further, I'm looking forward to having a thorough crawl over the car and giving it a clean and polish.

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paul said...

Hi Mate. How did you get on with the window issue.I used to fit these windows between 1986 and 1990. Was at Browns Lane for the change over from ser3 to xj40. Am now in NZ but will be looking for a good cheap 88 to 94 model, will keep my LR Disco though!