Sunday, 18 January 2015

Jaguar XJR video

Here's a short video I made of the XJR earlier, just me nosing around it and going out for a quick spin. I thought in addition to posting pictures I'd do some regular video pieces featuring both the XJR and XJ40.

Jaguar XJR initial inspection

I've been putting the new XJR through it's paces this week, doing some miles and getting used to the way it drives. I've also been looking out for any issues and areas that need improvement. I was a little tentative with it at first, I'd not driven an auto in years and I wanted to take a few days to get used to the extra power.

After a week of owning the XJR I have to say I'm very pleased with it, it looks a very good buy to me. I think there's often that worry after buying a new car (especially if it's an old Jag) that they'll be problems lurking that weren't spotted when buying, but I've not found anything of note. The engine pulls very strongly and the autobox changes well, the body is very solid, all the electrics work (besides the dreaded X300 clock of course), and the air con runs nice and cold. The front suspension does have a little wear in it but there's no knocking at all and the car rides very well.

I gave the car a wash yesterday and was able to have a good look over the bodywork. There's been some body restoration, the front wings and boot lid are replacements and have been repainted. There's a slight mismatch in colour between the front wings to the doors and bonnet, the new paint is slightly darker where the original paint has faded a little. There are some minor age related marks to the paint but no dents or scratches, the overall condition is very good.

So as for work to do on the car to improve it, I've been starting to think about the list. A full service would be a good start, it would be good to do most of the fluids and service items. The car has full Jaguar service history so I'll look to continue that keep the book stamped up, but there's plenty I'll be able to do myself though.

Here's an initial list of bits I want to do:
Detail body, engine bay and interior
Replace front suspension bushes
Fix or replace clock
Replace rear heater/air con vents
Have paint blended in and touched up
Replace radiator bushes
Re-dye seats

Monday, 12 January 2015

Another big cat joins the fleet - Jaguar X300 XJR

So, I've bought another Jaguar XJ, this one is an X300 XJR. This is my first X300, I've been keen to own an XJR for quite a long while now so it's itch I've been wanting to scratch. I'll be posting more about this car in due course as well as updates on the XJ40 Sovereign.

It's a good example, relatively low mileage at 113k and comes with full Jaguar service history. The car drives well and there's no rust on the body, the underside has had waxoil treatment. The body colour is Antigua Blue, with Oatmeal leather inside.

While the condition is very good I'll be working to improve it further, I'm looking forward to having a thorough crawl over the car and giving it a clean and polish.