Sunday, 30 November 2014

JEC magazine feature and photoshoot

A few months ago back in the summer we took the car out to London for a bit of a photo shoot, the intention being for the picture to be part of a magazine feature of the car. A good number of great pictures were taken by photo -grapher, fellow XJ40 owners club member and friend Naki, I've posted several here.

We tried to find some cityscape backdrops around London that would make for interesting urban pictures, something a bit different from the standard country lane fair. We visited Billingsgate Market, Canary Wharf and Blackwall Tunnel, amongst other spots. It was a fun and productive day out.

The pictures were submitted for a feature in the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club magazine, to be featured in a special XJ40 focused issue. I was chuffed when a great shot of both my modified Sovereign and Naki's manual XJR was chosen for the cover. The feature of my car can be seen in the online publication of the magazine in the following link: