Friday, 5 September 2014

Fixing a drivers door handle part 1

The drivers door handle has broken. I pulled the handle and heard a twang followed by several metallic objects falling to the bottom of the door, the handle then wouldn't operate the door opening mechanism.

I removed both top and bottom sections of the door card to gain access to the back of the handle. The handle itself is held in place with two 7mm nuts, these are easy enough to remove with a spanner. The handle assembly then slides out from the front of the door.

The top picture shows the back of the handle, the arm that pivots seems to have sheared off. The bottom picture shows the parts I collected from the bottom of the door. Repairing the handle didn't seem viable really, I've managed to buy a used replacement at the cost of £35. The lock barrel will have to be swapped over from the broken one.