Friday, 22 August 2014

Fitting a bodykit part 3

I got the painted up bodykit fitted to the Sov a little while ago, finally got around to blogging it. It went on fairly easily, I simply drilled holes in the sill ends to attach the skirts and rear spats. It is good practice to use double sided adhesive tape along the length of the skirts, but I didn't want to do this just yet as I may want to be able to easily remove them again. Apologies for the camera-phoney pictures, I'll post up some better ones up in due course. 

I think the car's looking great, very close to how I want it now. The skirts look so much better than my previously black undersealed sills. Overall, the car is pretty well sorted inside and out, and it's driving well. No more modifications are planned at the moment, the next step with the project is to continue to improve and restore the condition of the body and fix some of the electrical faults. One of the rear windows isn't working and several of the central locking door lock solenoids are stiff and failing. 

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Mike M said...

Where can I order those body skirts for my 1989 XJ6?