Sunday, 22 June 2014

Fitting a bodykit part 2

I finally got around to having the bodykit painted. I'd planned to fit this ever since I bought the manual Sovereign, having already acquired the parts before hand. The parts to be painted are shown to the left. This bodykit consists of the front splitter, rear spats and rear bumper spoiler taken from the XJR I used to own and scrapped (see old posts). The side skirt are from an earlier series 1 XJR bodykit I previously bought. 

In addition to the bodykit parts I had a spare set of quad front lamp surrounds painted up. The inside surround areas are chrome on the early cars and body colour on the later Sport variants. The previous owner had decided to paint these areas black, I decided to replace these with completely body colour items. 

I used a local paint shop, I'm pleased with the results. Initially I plan to not fit the XJR splitter as it is more involved than fitting the other parts, I like the fully painted front splitter already on the car. I fit will fit the Lucas fog lamps to the splitter and install it at a later date.

I was motivated to get the bodykit painted before attending some of this summers car shows. I also planned to get some good pictures taken for a magazine feature so wanted the car to look more cosmetically finished.