Sunday, 2 March 2014

A change of wheels

I've only been using the car very occasion -ally over these last few very wet months, and I've not done any work of note. 

The rims on the lattice wheels are in need of a good polish as they've been on outside on the car over winter. I thought the best thing would be to buy another cheap set of wheels to fit to the car to allow me to do the cleaning and polishing more easily with the wheels off the car. Plus it's always fun to try a different look with an alternative wheel design.

 This 3.6 Sovereign would have originally had 15" Teardrops fitted from the factory, under my ownership it's had 18" XKR Double Fives, 16" Five Spokes, 16" lattices and 16" XJR wheels. I fancied trying something different yet again so opted to go for a set of 16" Dimples, factory fitted on the Jaguar X300 Sport models. These aren't my favourite choice but they are good solid looking wheels, and are cheap used.

I had a scan around on ebay and after a little while found a local set of four that were fairly cheap (£80), in reasonable condition and had good tyres. I picked them up yesterday and gave them a thorough clean as they were filthy. I got them fitted this afternoon, I think the Sov looks good on them and they'll be easy to keep clean!