Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Electric window problems part 1

For some time I've been having problems with the operation of the windows. Both the drivers window and drivers side rear passenger window refure to budge up and down. The rear window has been that way since I bought the car a couple of years ago, the drivers window started to become intermittance and then failed completely a while ago. This was becoming annoying so I decided to get in there and fix them.

I started by investi -gating the front window as that was the priority to fix. The power to the electric window motor is switched by a relay, which is in turn switched by the window switch in the drivers doorcard. The relay could be heard clicking for both up and down so that indicated that the fault wasn't with the switch.

I removed the doorcard to gain access to the wiring connectors. I located the connector for the window motor and separated it so I could measure with a multi-meter if there was voltage across the motor terminals. I found that there was indeed 12V switching positive and negative when the switch was moved, so this clearing pointed to a fault with the motor itself rather than with the wiring. Having determined this I then needed to procure a another motor suitable for my '89 car as I didn't have a spare about.