Monday, 1 July 2013

MOT time

It was MOT time last week, surprising how quickly it's come around again. I did some basic checks in preparation for the test, all the bulbs worked, discs and pads looked good, new tyres so no worries there. I'd recently treated the rust areas and had previously overhauled the suspension, so everything appeared to be in order.

As expected I got a pass, the only advisory item was "oil leak" which I was aware of, the head gasket is weeping out some oil. I have all the parts required for a gasket change but haven't felt the urgency to do the work yet, the oil and water aren't mixing and the compression is still good. I'll do it at some point this year though.

In other news my daily driver Ford Focus had it's MOT last week too, it needed a tyre plus got two advisories for slight corrosion which surprised me. I thought it ironic that the 24 year old Jag got through without mention of rust!