Monday, 10 June 2013

Bromley Motor Pageant 2013

Yesterday I attended the annual Bromley Motor Pageant. It was a couple of hours drive and a trip around the M25 so quite an early start, no significant problems with traffic though thankfully. I'd not been before but was very impressed with the number of both cars and punters there on the day, a lot to see and do, well recommended. The weather was overcast but the rain managed to hold off.

There were some half a dozen other XJ40's with mine parked in the one make parking area, most were fellow owners club cars. The top pictures shows my Sov manual next to a Daimler and Sovereign 4.0 auto's. The centre pic' has me in esteemed company flanked by two very presentable mk2's.

There were no shortage of great cars at the show, I managed to get quite a few snaps including the bottom one of a nice group of Ferrari's.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Engine bay clean up

I'd been meaning to make a start on cleaning and tidying the engine bay. It's looked like a coal pit since I bought the car and well over due.

In addition to the general dust and dirt there was a lot of thick oily, greasey deposits. It looks like the previous owner deliberately put some sort of oil or grease on the inner wings and other under bonnet bodywork areas. I've made a decent start at giving it a good scrub with some strong kitchen degreaser.

I got the local hand car wash outfit to pressure wash the engine bay, that took care of the dust and dirt though the subborn grime remains.

The car has done 172 thousand miles and it shows on the look of many of the components in there. To improve the look of things I'm going to repaint a spare cam cover I have and fit that, I've also a decent chome exhaust manifold cover to go on. So quite a bit more work to do but it's a decent start.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

XJ40 mini meet

Here's my Sovereign with a couple of other XJ40's belonging to owners club members. 

The car furthest from mine is a tidy example of a 3.2S, this on being fitted with a set of 16" lattice wheels. The '40 pictured centrally here is a rare 2.9 manual, currently a project car. Not unlike mine it has some nice mod's including a full XJR interior, XJR side skirts and again 16" lattice wheels. The owner is planning a 3.6 engine conversion.

I'm used to the ride height of mine but it interesting to see how low it looks compared to a standard height example.

Ace Cafe Jaguar day 2013

I attended the Jaguar day at the Ace Cafe in London earlier this month.

I meet up with a few other members of the owners club. There were five XJ40's in all making it numerically the best represented Jaguar model at the meet, there was some decent interest in the cars.

There were some fantastic classic Jaguars in attendance. The pick of the bunch for me was the very original looking XJR-12 in the full Silk Cut livery. This model is famous for winning the 1990 Le Mans 24h race. The very racey looking modified XJ series 2 coupe was another highlight.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

New pictures at RSPB

While I was out for a drive earlier today I decided to pull into the RSPB head- quarters, I thought the house and grounds would make an interesting backdrop for a couple of snaps.

I've fitted a pair of 10mm wheel spacers at the back as I felt the track at the rear was a little narrow. The difference is fairly subtle but I'm pleased with the improvement.