Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Rust treatment

So, the first update for a little while. I'd not done any work on the car lately but now the weather's looking better I've decided to get going with a few jobs that need doing.

Perhaps the most important thing to tackle is rust on car. It's not too bad all things considered but it is an issue and there's signs of more that's bubbled up over winter. I'd already treated and undersealed one side of the car last summer previous to the MOT so it was time to do the other side. The treatment was to the sill and wheel arch areas which seem to suffer most.

I start but jacking up the side of the car to be worked on and removed the wheels. I had to remove all the loose dirt with a wire brush, I put plastic bags over the brakes and hubs to protect them. I also used some wire brush tools on the end of the drill to finish off the dirt removal. I then used a twisted wire brush tool on the angle grinder to get rid of all the flakey rust and in areas go back down to metal.

With the dirt and rust removed I treated the offending areas with Hammerite Kurrust, this chemically reacts with the rust, neutralising it and turning a bluey black colour in the process. Once that was dry I brush applied liberal amounts of Hammerite Underbody Seal with added Waxoil to the whole sill and wheel arch area. I treated the whole outside sill face with this as I will be covering it with the bodykit skirts, so want them to be well protected underneath.

So that's both sides of the car done for now, the next bodywork I'll be doing is preparing the bodykit parts for paint, I'll also have some areas on the car resprayed fairly soon.