Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Sovereign on refurbed lattice wheels

I fitted the new refurbed 16x8" lattice wheels this morning, overall I'm pleased with the way they look though I'm not sure if the car looks slightly under wheeled on them. Maybe going for the smaller 50 profile tyres was unwise and the standard 225/55's would have been the better choice? There's no doubt the 225/60's on the 16" five spokes were too big, on my lowered car they disappeared up into the arches and rubbed the inner wings slightly near full lock. I'll have a think and may have a swap about of tyres, I'm not sure yet.

As I've said before I'm going for an '80's period modified look with this car, I feel the lattice wheels fit this look especially with the diamond cut polished lips. I was inspired by the polished lips on other dished wheels from this era. Porsche Fuch's for example look very attractive with their dark spokes giving a very nice contrast, plus BBS split rims from the period look very nice.

There's a fashion these days for big rims, many cars have 18"+ now, but back in the late eighties 16" wheels with a sensible size tyre were the order of the day for most performance cars like Jaguar's, BMW's and Porsche's. It was only really supercars such as Ferrari's and Lambo's that maybe came with 17" rims. Large modern rims can give an impressive appearance but '80's period cars sometimes not look quite aesthetically correct with them fitted. That said there's an appeal to large wheel rims that is hard to deny.

Looks aside, there's no doubt that the car drives and performs better on a smaller rim size. The XKR 18" wheels I had fitted previously tramlined and gave a hard ride due to the very low profile tyres. 16" wheels allow for a larger tyre profile to be fitted so give a superior ride, but with smaller overall diameter wheels on the car the gearing is effectively lower, thus small but noticeable improvement in acceleration. A smaller wheel also results in the car being lower to the ground, plus allows the car to be lowered further, giving a lower centre of gravity and improved stance.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

16x8" lattice wheel refurb part 3

I went and collected my newly refurbed wheel from my local tyre place this morning, having had a set of four 225/50r16 Falken XE912's fitted. I'm please with the look of these, I think the width and profile look right on these rims and will be great on the car.

I fitted the new Jaguar wheel centre badges, quite pleased with the extra splash of colour they provide. Very much looking forward to getting them on the car now!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

16x8" lattice wheel refurb part 2

I went to pick up the wheel from the refurb outfit this morning, very pleased with the results! As can be seen the metallic grey powder coating contrasts the diamond cut lips very nicely. I think they'll suit my car well, looking forward to getting them on.

The next thing is to get them re-valved, shod with new tyres and balanced. I want some sort of stainless steel valve to compliment the metal finish of the lips. I'll make sure that any balancing weights are placed inside the drum of the wheel and not at the unsightly position of the front as they were before.

I'm still thinking a 225/50r16 tyre will look good and fit the arches on my car nicely. Not sure what brand to go for as yet. I'll take them down for the tyres on Monday. Looking at getting some new wheel centre badges too.