Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Paintwork part 2

After having the car MOT'ed I decided to take the car to my local coachworks outfit for some new paint for the roof and wing. I've had the car back a couple of weeks now, I'm pleased with the newly painted areas. These were the main and largest areas of paintwork that let the appearance of the car down, it's looking a lot better now but I've other bodywork areas to work on.

The bodykit parts were finally ready to start painting at the weekend, the sanding down having been recently completed. I gave the parts a good clean and then several coats of primer. It was nice weather on Sunday so did this out in the garden, see adjacent picture.

The painted parts consist of the XJR series 1 side skirts and the XJR series 2 rear spats and bumper spoiler. The car already has a body colour painted front splitter and boot infill panel, I'm looking forward to these additions. I hope to start the colour coat stage this coming weekend.