Monday, 25 June 2012

MOT time

With the MOT test looming I'd been doing various work on the car in a bid to get it through unscathed. I did all the usual checks around the car to ensure everything was in order. My main fear was body corrosion, I've been address that area recently by removing any rust and undersealing.

I decided to put the car in for the test to see what it failed on, being a 23 year old car I assumed I'd recieve several fail items. One item I knew was defective was nearside rear passenger seatbelt, in retrospect I should have fixed this before the test but decided to proceed anyhow. As it turns out the seatbelt was the only failure, I was very pleased with this result!

I was looking for another seatbelt but managed yesterday to fixed the mechanism of the existing one. It was relatively straight forward, to get access I had to remove the rear seats and the parcel shelf. The seatbelt mechanism is fixed with a single 17mm bolt.

I took the car back for a retest at the garage this morning, fingers crossed that a pass is just a formality now. Once the car is passed I plan to take it next door to the coachworks outfit for some new paint.

Sunday, 3 June 2012


I've been underseal -ing the sills, floor and wheel arches in a bid to protect the car from rust. I started brushing off any dirt and grinding back the surface rust areas. I then cleaned and treated the rust with rust converter, and painted with Hammerite undereal. I decided to underseal the sills as I wanted them to be protected from corrosion when they are under the side skirts I'm going to fit. So far I've done one side of the car, I have to do the other side over the next several days.
I've had the tyres removed from my lattice rims, it cost £1.50 per tyre at my local tyre and exhaust place. I've also removed the balancing weight, they were on the fronts of the rims, I'll have tyre crowd fit them fitted behind the front faces when the wheels are rebalanced. The dishes are lacquered so I'm going try using paint stripper to get it off before polishing them. Not sure whether to get the spokes shot blasted as with so many spoke they be difficult and time consuming to sand down.