Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I've not done much on the Sov recently as there's been some work to do my my daily driver Golf. One thing I have done is remove the lattice wheels as I'm preparing to have the tyres pulled off so I can then refurb them. I've replaced them with the five spokes for now as they have better tyres.

Looking over the body there are some rough areas that require new paint. As can be seen in my previous blog pictures the paint condition isn't too bad overall, quite presentable, it's had some attention in the past. The worst area is the roof, this is starting to look very shabby now as can be seen in the top picture, the lacquer is peeling off in places. I plan to have a bodyshop repaint the roof for me.

The second worst area is the drivers side front wing, again the lacquer has worn and it could do with being repainted. I'm planning to paint this and some other smaller areas myself, I've purchased some Tungsten paint for this already.