Saturday, 10 December 2011

Interior swap part 2

I've almost completed the interior swap on the Sovereign, I've been fitting the black one from an XJR. The final item that needed swapped was the drivers seat. These front chairs are fixing with four torx bolts, they came out with no problems when removing the front passenger seat but I had problems with the drivers seat. The head of one of the bolts was corroded and partly chewed by by a previous attempt at removal, my efforts rounded it off and failed to budge it. I ended up drilling it out which took some. I succeeded in melting several cheap drills before making a trip out to purchase a couple of hardcore titanium coated cobalt ones.

I've managed to ebay off the XKR wheels now I've decided not use them on the car. As the car came with them fitted any money collected for them was a bonus, so I was quite chuffed with £463. Taking that from the £500 paid for the car it makes the net cost of the car £37 which is nice!