Monday, 28 November 2011

Engine temperature issues

Since I've owned the car I've found that the engine temperature gauge on the digi-dash fails to reach the midway point, it sits a couple of increments below. This led me to think that the engine might be running a bit cold so I suspected the thermostat might not be working correctly.

I had a rummage through the spares in the shed and found a thermostat removed from one of my previous XJ40's, I knew this one worked okay so decided to fit it. The coolant was looking murky so I also decided to drop this and replace at the same time as the 'stat. Changing a 'stat is very east, access to it is good and it's simply held in place with two long 10mm bolts. The hoses hold on with jubilee clips, the connectors to the two temp sensors just need to be unclipped.

Having replaced the thermostat I found that there was no difference to the temp gauge reading, it was still shy of centre! There appears to be a temp sensor in the coolant tank so perhaps this needs replacement.

Jaguarsport wheels

I've been playing around with different wheel options, I currently have the Jaguarsport XJR 16" wheels fitted which I think probably suit the car best. They have that late eighties look about them, the slots around the edge make them look similar to other period wheels such as Ronal Turbo's. I think they are more understated than my XKR or five spoke wheels. I'm looking at selling these other sets I have to raise some money for some other work I'll need. The overall tyre diameter is smaller than the others (the tyre profiles are 55 as opposed to 60 on the five spokes), so the car sits a tad lower.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

New gear knob and gaitor

I now have the car back from the garage having been relieved of considerable hard earned cash. It's driving much better now thanks to the new clutch. Now that it's done I've decided to sort the gear level gaitor out.

I've been swapping the original doeskin beige interior for a black one, it's most or less complete apart from the drivers seat. The "ski-slope" walnut centre console panel was damaged and faded so I've replaced it with a decent one from an auto car. The cut-out for the gear level is a different shape so I've adapted the gaitor to fit this.

The plastic surround from an auto box was used as it was a perfect fit for the ski-slope used. The square aperture was for the "sport mode" button, I've filled this by gluing in the black growler badge from the original ski-slope, the fit is perfect! I cut the leather gaitor away from the frame the fits the manual ski-slope glued it to the auto plastic surround. I also used black shoe polish to restore the black colour as it had rubbed away in places and looked tired.

To finish off I've replaced the heavy metal gear knob with a nice walnut jobbie, it has a growler badge with "Jaguar Coventry" on the top. I'm pleased with the result.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Clutch replacement

The manual Sov is at the garage at the moment having a new clutch fitted amongst other things. It's been on the way out since I bought it, the biting point was high on the pedal and there's been a slight juddering feel. I think it was slipping slightly under certain conditions at lower rev's but recently it was slipping more obviously and making various noises.

I've always tried to do all the work on my XJ40's myself, this is the first time I've taken one to garage for anything other than an MOT. I probably could have tackled it at home but it would have been a lot of work with the car up on stands and I'm keen to get her driving well. I asked around for a few quotes, the best I received was £350 from Mr Clutch so that's where she is.

The work is underway and almost complete now, I should be able to pick the car up today. I've been told that it needed a flywheel skim plus a new spigot bearing and slave cylinder so the price of the job has certainly added up! I've also asked them to change the gearbox oil while their in there. I'm really looking forward to driving the car once I get it back.

I've pictured my other XJ40, she looks well in British Racing Green with gold coachlines. This one doesn't cost as much to run!