Sunday, 16 October 2011

Five Spoke fitment

I swapped off the 18" XKR wheels earlier in favour of the 16" Five Spokes I have. There were several reasons why I've decided to change to these wheels. Firstly, I think the more modern design of the 18's didn't suit the car. They looked big and impressive but I wanted a retro period look for the Sov. Secondly, the XKR wheels are worth about as much as the car, selling them will release some funds to spend improving other areas.

The third reason for swapping was that I suspected the old girl would drive better on the Five Spoke and this was evident after a test drive. The large "donut" tyres give a softer ride than the lower p
rofiles. Also, the car doesn't tramline like it did on the 18's so handles better.

All in all I'm pleased with the change. There are a few other areas that will be restored to give a more period look, I'd like to get shot of the X300/X308 side mouldings and put some chrome rear lamp surrounds on in place of the body colour ones on it at the moment.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Lowering spring fitment - the results

Here's some pictures of the car sitting on the lowering springs, I'm pleased with the way it looks and drives. I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like wearing some retro rims, I'll try it with the 16" Jaguarsport wheels I have.

Lowering spring fitment part deux

I got the rear lowering springs installed at the weekend. Swapping out the rear springs on a Forty is a relatively straight forward job.

The first thing to do is to jacking the car up, remove the wheel and sit it on an axle stand. You can then get in to remove the four 13mm bolts holding the top spring pan to the body, the bolt furthest in requires a long socket extension to access. Before removing all the bolts it's a good idea to support the hub with a trolley jack as it will drop down once the bolts are out.

The next thing to do is unbolt the bottom of the
damper, this is secured with a 30mm bolt and 24mm nut. Once this is out the spring and damper assembly is unfixed from the car, to get it out you need to remove the brake caliper, this is fixed on with two 15mm bolts.

Once the assembly is out the spring needs to be compressed so that the top spring pan can be removed. Standard spring compressors can be used, make sure they are heavy duty items otherwise they will bend! Once the spring has been compressed the top spring pan can be unbolted and the spring removed. Refitment is the reserve of removal.