Thursday, 22 September 2011

Lowering spring fitment part 1

So I've got around to fitting the AVO -35mm lowering springs, just done the fronts so far. I've covered the installation of XJ40 front springs in a previous post so I won't go into detail here. I was planning to fit the polybushed wishbones at the same time but decided to leave that until a later date. The wishbone bushes are actually in decent order having been changed by the previous owner, the car rides well so I'm not desperate to change bushes at the moment.

I'm now planning to fit the rear lowering springs soon, hopefully at the weekend, having bought a pair of standard spring compressors recently. I've
also done some more work on the interior so that should also be finished soon.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Fitting the XJR door cards part 2

To fit the XJR door cards I needed to fix their fixing brackets onto the doors of the Sovereign manual. I was initially thinking I'd just use self tapping screws but I decided to do a proper job and use rivets as that's how they were originally fixed. I bought a riveting kit from Homebase (£14.99) that included a riveter and a selection of different sized rivets. I found that 4.8mm rivets fitted perfectly so used those.

Along with fitting the brackets I had to remove the plastic bush type parts from the door as holes were too small for the new door card fixing plugs. Once this was done fitting the door card was very
straight forward, just a case of connecting up the connectors and screwing them on. So far I've riveted all the brackets on and fitted the front two door cards, hope to get the remaining two on this week. I've also removed the front passenger seat and centre console, so the interior work is really coming on now.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Engine running issues

Although the manual Sov starts fine and drives it seems to feel hesitant and lumpy, and lacking in power somewhat. The car is quite high mileage at 168k and didn't come with much history at all so I'm going to be working through a thourgh service that will include changing all fluids and replacing parts to get the drive optimal.

In an effort to sort the running issue the first thing I checked was the plugs. I found that although they didn't look very worn they were Bosch Super 4 R6's, a modern four electrode plug and not a recommended type for the AJ6 engine. They were also grimy and smelt of petrol which suggested the engine was running rich. I swapped these plugs for a set of new NGK BCPR6E's which are a traditional type of plug often used in these engines.

The next items I checked were the distributor cap and rotor arm, these looked a little worn so I replaced these too with new parts. The engine seemed to run a little better on the new plugs and cap but still the hesitant, lumpy characteristics remained so I haven't s
orted the problem as yet, I still think it's ignition related.

In other news I've bought some new tools, a Draper compression tester and a pair of spring compressors to remove the rear springs. I used the compression tester for the first time at the weekend, I was slightly worried about what I might discover but found that all cylinders had strong compression, up around 200psi according to the tool.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Exterior improvements

I'm in the process of gradually tidying up the exterior of the car. The latest task was to remove the badging applied to the car by the previous owner as it wasn't to my taste. There were X308 XJR "R" badges stuck to the front wings below the indicator and also one on the boot lid. The boot lid also had a union jack flag and an "XJ6" badge which I removed. I felt the badging a bit silly as the car is a Sovereign so neither an XJR non XJ6, plus I think the body looks smoother and cleaner de-badged.

Another modification that the car came with was body colour wing indicators, that's both the
chrome bezel and the lamp lens painted. I bought a pair of used but decent indicator lamp units
so I could restore the car to the standard items.
Initially I've just replaced the lens, I intend to get hold of some double sided adhesive strips to fix the chrome bezel part in place.