Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fitting the XJR door cards

Now I'd bought the manual Sovereign I didn't really have adequate space for the 3.2 Sov, or the time to spend on her so she had to depart and is now gone. Unfortunately I didn't make anything but I at least got back most of what I paid.

I've not had much of chance to work on the manual Sov recently, I spent some time over the weekend treating the Golf GT TDI to an engine oil and filter change and a new air filter. I have had the chance to do a bit of work on the door cards though.

I recently fitted new Alpine speakers to the XJR door cards that I'm going to be fitting, I've started soldering on the correct connectors to these having removed the connector and wiring from the Sovereign door cards. To fit the XJR cards I'll need to fit the mounting brackets (see picture) fortunately the doors on the Sov have pre-drilled holes to fit these so I just need to find some suitably sized self tapers to hold the brackets on. The other fixing appear to be the same so the 'R cards should go on easily.

The drivers electric window doesn't work and the passenger side is intermittant, I'm hoping it was just a fault with the switches and that the they'll leap into life with the fitment of the replacement switches in the XJR door cards. If they don't I'll have to assume that there's a problem at the electric motor end of things.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Interior swap

I made a start on swapping in the black XJR interior yesterday. So far I've fitted the Momo sport steering wheel and the black dash trim up front, it's already starting to look a lot better I think. In the back I've fitted the black parcel shelf, seat belts and seats. I hope to crack on and get the rest done soon.

Monday, 8 August 2011

The Sovereign 3.6 manual

Well I've bought another Forty. Since deciding to dispose of the 4.0S restoration project and replace it with a rolling project I've been on the look out for a new project car. I liked the idea of converting the 'S' to manual but that would have been a lot of work and expense, so it made sence to look for one that was already manual, preferably a 4.0. I've not long bought the 3.2 Sov so did plan to take my time in finding the right car, but my girlfriend found this 3.6 Sov manual on ebay and I just had to have it! A 200 mile round trip ensued which took all day due to a dire traffic jam up on the M25, I feel it was all worth it though.

The Sovereign 3.6 manual is a very rare car indeed now, it seems that there is only 4 left on the road, and this is the only '89 one left. The paint is Tungsten grey metallic and the interior is Doeskin. The car has quite a few modifications already which really attracted me to it. It's fitted with 18" XKR alloys fill the arches nicely, I think 15's can get lost on a car of this size. The "fishtanks" have been swapped for quad lamps and quite a number of trim parts have been painted in the grey to match the body, which looks good though has been over done in places I feel.

I'm very pleased with the overall condition of the
car for a '89 G, it's had some restoration already from the previous owner which is good. Needless to say it does need work in a number of areas which I'll be posting about soon. Inital plans include fixing anything that doesn't work, tidying up the bodywork rust, the fitment of my black XJR interior and the suspension parts I have.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Lamp lens replacement

The Sovereign had a couple of broken rear lamp lens so I replaced these with good ones from the shed at the weekend.

The fog lamp lens is an easy swap, simply held in place by three screws. The main rear lamp lens is a glued on part of the lamp assembly so it's far easier to replace the complete unit. These are held on with four nuts. The Sovereign models have chromes lamp surrounds so I swapped surround from the old to the new unit. They are secured with four metal tabs that hook around the lens, two can be bent back on one side to allow removal.

The rear of the car is starting to look smarter now with the new lens in place.

Boot lid chrome strip replacement

I've replaced the chrome strip that runs across the boot lid on the Sovereign. This chrome strip is part of a steel panel that is fixed to the underside with three screws. It has three square cutouts for the number plate lamps and the boot release.

As can be seen from the picture, the old one was rotten around the fixing holes. The panel had come away from the boot lid on the right side, a previous owner had used tape to resecure it. Along with the new lamp lens this tidys up the look of the rear end of the car.