Monday, 20 June 2011

Anti-roll bar refitment

I've now started refitting parts to the car. The anti-roll bar and the drop links are the last of the front suspension parts that I need to refit. New OE bushes were bought for the X300 XJR roll bar, plus I bought new drop links rather than replace the bushes in the ones that came off the car. I reckon I'll nail the front brakes back on next, with the new braided brake hoses.

I've now done the required modification to the front seat frames, this involved dusting of the grinder and chopping some of the metalwork that the protrudes down from the top area area. I'll now
be able to fit the '90 seat backs to the '94 seat frames, so there's nothing stopping me now from getting them fully assembled.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Front chair rebuild part 3

After a quite a bit of umming and ahhing I've decided to modify the front seat frame of my '94 4.0S to fit the black leather seat covers and foams from the '90 XJR seats. Some of the seat frame metal work requires cutting away with a grinder to enable the black seat backs to be fitted. Both front chair frames are now stripped and ready for this modification, I'll then be able to get them fully reassembled.

Once the front seats are done the interior will be ready to refit to the car, before I do this though I'll fix the headlining which has sagged down badly. I've bought some strong spray adhesive for this.
Jessica has also helped me with the interior by cleaning up the front and rear carpets.