Sunday, 22 May 2011

Loudspeaker replacement part 2

I've now completed the fitment of the new speakers. The door pockets need to be removed, they are held onto the door card with several screws. The speaker grills have four threaded shafts that fit from the front through the door pocket and speaker lugs, with a nut holding things together.
The below picture shows a fitted speaker. They aren't as discreet as the standard items which have a black mesh covering so that the driver is unseen. For a more original looking speaker upgrade I'd go for a black speaker, though I don't think the new speakers will be especially noticeable once the door cards are fitted. That said, I do like the silver, it looks  purposeful.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Front chair rebuild part 2

Having stripped the first 4.0S chair down the next task was to adapt it for use with the '90 seat covers. The cage for the rear reading lamp was removed by drilling out the two rivets fixing it, this allows the '90 seat back foam to fit.

The post '93 seat style has a raisable head rests with two metal shafts that fit into the seat frame. The '90 style head rest has a single shaft and is not raisable, luckily enough this seems to fit rather snuggly in the frame. The top picture shows the trial fitted head rest in it new home. I'll be able to drill a hole and fit a screw or bolt through the head rest shaft and seat frame if required, to hold everything
in place.

The only other items that need resolving are the seat backs. The lower picture shows the grey back from the 4.0S and the black one from the XJR interior. Whilst superficially very similar, the main difference and issue for my chair rebuild is that the recessed area near the top of the seat back is a fair bit deeper on the black back. As such it interferes with some of the gubbins in the upper area of the seat frame and doesn't go on flat. This leaves several options: either chop the seat frame gubbins to get the black back on, paint/dye the grey backs, or get hold of post '93 blacks (the most desirable option I think).

Front chair rebuild part 1

I've started working on the interior for the car. After mulling over the options I've decided in my infinite wisdom to use the original 4.0S seat frames and recover them with the XJR black leather trim. This means that the electrics will be compatible and that the chairs should be lighter in weight as they've less motors. The XJR seats have a different style of head restraint to the later so I will need to adapt these seat frames for this.

This job certainly isn't one I'd recommend to another owner, if you want to change the indoors your better off finding an interior for the correct model year and fitting that rather than messing about with taking the seats apart! I particular want this interior in and like a bit of a challenge so I thought I'd get it done.

The top left picture shows the naked 4.0S seat frame with the covers and foam removed. The base of the seat removes easily being held in place with a couple of screws, likewise the
back trim. The leather covering for the top had various fixing to remove but nothing too painful, plus the foam had to be pulled off as it was glued on in places. The foam is a different shape for the later interior so wouldn't fit correctly under the coverings I am fitting.

Moving onto the back of the chair, there is a metal cage to house the reading lamp which must be removed in order to fit the alternative covering (the XJR seats have the lamp in the head rest). There is also a fibre board cover that I will remove to get access to that which lurks behind it.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Moving an XJ40 part 2

Well I've finally got busy on the project again and got the 'S' moved to its new home. I had the local recovery chaps come and move it about one mile across town from the relatives driveway where it was previously residing. It cost £60 which wasn't too disastrous.

It's been under a tarp which has obviously been rubbing on the car body, causing some damage to the paint in places. There were quite a few bad areas in the paintwork arena before it was moved too. I guess it's a good excuse to get some new paint on once I've finished working on the oily bits.

Loudspeaker replacement part 1

I bought the new door card speakers today, I went for a brand name and got a couple of pairs of Alpine SXE-1025S. They have a 10cm (4") driver that will fit in the '90 door cards I'll be fitting (the later post '93 cars have a larger diameter driver). They are nothing too special in the power output stakes, being rated at 25W RMS and 180W peak, but this is adequate to handle the output from a standard CD player head unit.

As they are a small diameter speaker the bass responce will be quite limited so I will complement them a subwoofer and/or one or two mid bass drivers. I'm not after roaring sound
pressure levels and trouser flapping bass but I do want an audio system that has decent clarity,
punchy dynamics and a flattish frequency responce.

The lower picture shows the aperture in the front of the door card where the speakers fit, the speaker and grill have already been removed (see a previous post from way back). There is a panel at the back of the door card to allow access to this area.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011 Owners Club Black Sheep Meet

Saturday saw the first full owners club meet at the Black Sheep Brewery in West Yorkshire, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the model. Unfortunately my car wasn't in attendance due to it not being in one piece but I was able to get along to check out the cars and meet the some fellow owners.

It was a great day out, great cars, great people, great beer, even the weather behaved it's self mostly. About 27 XJ40's and 50 owners were in attendance on the day. I strongly recommend the club to any other XJ40 owners reading this who aren't already a part of it.

Here are a couple of snaps taken from the event, they don't do the day justice, it was certainly the most XJ40 I'd ever seen in one place before.

Monday, 9 May 2011

A new daily, a diesel Golf

I've not been on the project recently as I've been playing daily drivers. With fuel prices being the way they are I wanted, needed something economical, but still with a bit of shove. Have dabbled with the idea of a diesel Alfa I ended up bottling it and getting a diesel Golf. This is called a GT TDI PD150, the rarer one with a GTI badge on the back and 150 horse under the bonnet.

The book says it does 52.3mpg combined cycle and I've certainly had some good returns from it so far. If I can save some dosh at the pumps then it should be give me a bit more money to spend on the forty :)