Sunday, 3 April 2011

Resuming the project

I'm almost in a position to restart work on the car now, having got a drawn out house move done and dusted. To the left is a picture of the car in it's present state (when it was still at my previous address). I want to get the car back on the road as soon as I can but I've quite a lot of work to get through first. Here's a brief summary of the main stuff that needs doing, I'll be posting about this lot soon:

Engine - I'm fitting the XJR cylinder and new gasket set to get rid of the value stem seal and head gasket issues. I also have to fit the Jaguarsport inlet manifold, plus exhasust manifolds
and non-cat downpipe.

Brakes - I've not got any front brakes on the car at the moment. I've got the braided hoses to fit, I want to get some drilled and vented discs plus uprated pads. I'm currently on the looks out for parts, so not exactly sure what's going to go on the car yet.

Suspension - The front suspension rebuild in more or less complete, I just need to fit the anti-roll bar to torque up all the bolts correctly. The rear lowering springs now need installing along with the new bushes, I'll probably fit new dampers at the same time.

Exterior - The refurbed bumpers need to go on, plus the grill, and XJR splitter.

Interior - I've the black XJR interior to go in, and the headlining needs glueing back up.

A couple of weeks ago I bought some clear side repeaters on ebay, these are from an X308 I
believe. I think the clear lens will work well with the exterior look of the car (the XJ40 doesn't have amber repeaters front or rear, they are "smoked").