Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Moving an XJ40

The restoration project is currently on hold as I'm homeless at the moment! The new build house we're buying isn't yet finished and our rental tenancy has now expired, meaning I've been faced with storing all our stuff, including the Jag.

As the 4.0S obviously isn't in a road worthy state I had some local car recovery chaps come and move it about a mile across town onto a relatives driveway for the time being. I've strapped a large tarp over it to keep the rain water off. Due to the car not being taxed or insured it was transported on the back of a flat bed recovery truck, as can be seen in the low res phone pictures.

The forty looks good on the lowering springs at the front, I'm pleased with the ride height and it should sit down a bit more once everything's back on the car. It was actually very close to scrapping the lower radiator support when coming on and off the ramp, it's just as well I've not fitted the front splitter yet as it surely would have bottomed out on the road.

The 'S' will sit on the drive for a few weeks before being transported again to our new property once that's complete. I'll take the chance to procure a few new parts I need over the next few weeks to get the car finished and driving once again.