Thursday, 30 December 2010

Refitted steering rack, brake discs and wheels

The car's now back on the deck, a big step forward. I've refitted the steering rack and the brake discs, so was able to fit the 16" Jaguarsport XJR wheels and drop the car down as a trial to see how the 4.0S sits on the shorter springs. As can be seen in the picture, the cars sitting a little high at the moment, I expect it to be lower once the new springs have had time to settle, and once the interior and various engine gubbins are back in and adding more weight. I had a bounce on the front wings, the springs feel compliant like the standard items though it'll be stiffer when the new roll bar is fitted and the wishbones are properly torqued up. I'll wait untill all the extra weight is back in and the suspension is in its proper position before tightening all the bolts to there specified torque.

I've refitted the refurbed lamp assemblies as can be seen. I've now finished painting the anti-roll bar and mount brackets so they're ready to go on. I'll roll it out of the car port over the weekend so that I can give it a good clean and make a start on sorting some of the interior jobs such as the headlining. I'll have to put the car back on my smaller axle stands to get some of the remaining underside jobs finished

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Upper balljoint fitment

I tried refitting the near side upper ball joint, it proved to be quite sloppy, the nut got stuck with both the nut and the threaded shaft just turning. I stopped the turning by using a clamp and tried to get it tightened but managed to get it stuck on tighter. I ended up just cutting it off and replacing it with a new one, which I've now fitted. It was a bit of a set back and cost a bit of time and money, so pleased to get it sorted.

Fitting an X300 XJR anti-roll bar

I've now received the anti-roll bar that I'm going to fit, this has been removed from an X300 XJR. It's of a larger diameter than the sportpack one that I've already removed, it should tighen up the handling and complement the other suspension modifications I've made.

The roll bar cost me £20 including postage from an ebay seller so was something of a bargain and represents a cheap upgrade. I've also bought the necessary OEM 'D' mount bushes to be used with this roll bar (about £8 each) and new drop links (about £12 each) as shown in the top picture. This was me trial fitting the bushes onto the roll bar as it came to ensure it
would fit to the car.

The roll bar had flakey paint, surface rust and dirt so I gave it a going over with the wire brush in preparation for give it a lick of rust preventing black paint. I'm giving the 'D' bush brackets the same treatment.

Refitment of the anti-roll bar is straight forward, each 'D' bush bracket fixes to the the subframe with two bolts, the ends of the roll bar bolt to the drop links, which in turn bolt to the lower wishbone assemblies.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Under radiator support panel fitment

I fitted the new under radiator support panel to the car last night. The original was completely rusted through so I had previously pulled it off having bought a solid used one to replace it with (as detailed in earlier posts).

On the post '93 XJ40's like mine there are four bushes that mount the radiator between an upper and lower support panel, two at the top, two at the bottom. The original spongy type bushes that mounted the radiator in my car were completely shot, the lower ones had more or less disappeared! The upper ones had become very crumbly and perrished as can be seen in the top picture, this left the radiator to flap around on the supports, obviously not a good situation. I ordered four new bushes, these are made from a much tougher rubber (also pictured).

The new painted under radiator panel was jacked up into place and refitted with new bolts. The condition of the radiator it's self is good so I've not replaced it, it's fared much better than the panel that supported it.

Now the new support panel is fitted I can get on with refitting the other front end parts. I've had a go at offering up the Jaguarsport front splitter to the front end to judge how it'll fit. The post '93 cars like mine have a redesigned front end whereby they employ a tubular crash bar across the radiator (see the lower picture), the ealier cars use the Jaguarsport front splitter don't have this. Therefore I'll have to modify the splitter by cutting two sections away to accomodate the crash bar, it also needs paint and the new fog lights fitting.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Front suspension spring refitment

I'm making some good progress this weekend, I've finally fitted the new front springs. As when removing the old springs, I used the borrowed home brew spring compressor tool. This fits up through the spring pan and spring, and locks into the subframe allowing the whole lot to be compressed.

I was feeling pleased that the suspension rebuild was nearing completion when I had a set back when refitting the second spring on the nearside. I bought a new spring pan bolt as one rounded off on me when I was removing them. This new bolt was somewhat stiffer going in and was pretty much in when it sheared off. This bolt cost over £4 so wasn't cheap, but was presumably a pattern part and not a genuine Jaguar one. It seemed shear off very easily, I'm not impressed at all. I'm now faced with either drilling out the shaft of the bolt, retapping and fitting a new bolt, or replacing the arm of the wishbone.

As well as the spring pan bolt problem I also had trouble getting the nearside upper wishbone ball joint back on, the nut got jammed on halfway up the thread. I'll buy a new ball joint and nut.

In other news, I've not refitted the anti-roll bar yet as I've bought a large diameter one from an X300 XJR, just waiting for it to turn up.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Front suspension rebuild continued

I've received a few new parts I ordered including a new lower wishbone fulcrum shaft. The nearside shaft was tough to remove when I was disassembling the suspension previously, as one of the lower wishbones was seized on. I managed to hammer it out in the end. This ripped the seized on centre sleeve and some of the rubber out of the bush, I also managed to wreck the thread somewhat. I've fitted the nearside lower wishbone and new shaft though I've noticed that the thread seems to be a larger size so the nut I have from the old shaft doesn't fit, I'll have to buy one that does!

I had another bush sleeve seized onto to a bolt, this time one from an anti-roll bar drop-link, which
I'd been meaning to tackle. I managed to cut it off with the angle grinder. The picture shows the refitted wishbones and damper on the offside, I've now refitted the spring and spring pan this side, more to follow soon...

Just to update this post, my new fulcrum shaft should have been supplied with a new nyloc nut but wasn't, the parts supplier has now sent this free of charge. As I say, the new shaft and nut have a different thread to the original parts so you need both!